Foot reflexology is a natural therapy for well-being and health support.
Each part of the foot is in relation, via the nervous system, with the organs of the body, according to a very precise topography, so that a stimulation of a reflex point of the foot instantly leads to the stimulation of the corresponding organ .
This practice activates the body’s self-healing capacities and helps it regain the balance of its natural functions.
It relieves all kinds of pain (muscular, digestive, menstrual, migraine and many others) and helps rebalance certain disorders such as sleep disorders, menopausal disorders, premenstrual syndrome … It also helps strengthen the immune system and dramatically reduces stress and anxieties by immersing body and mind in a meditative state.
This practice is aimed at all ages (from infants to the elderly), according to the needs of each individual.
It is also excellent for relieving the many ailments of pregnant women, from the announcement of pregnancy until childbirth.
From ancestral practice, always attentive to the language of the body, it takes a holistic look at the person, that is to say, it considers it in its entirety, physical and psychic.
During the first session, our reflexologist speaks with you before the treatment, in order to have an overall picture of your situation, your health and your expectations to best meet your needs.

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Naturopath & Reflexologist
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