Let your skin breathe from within; to be purified, refreshed and ready for the world

OxyGeneo provides a unique approach to facial treatments : Recruiting natural physiological processes to increase oxygen levels in the skin and achieve exceptional results.

Unlike other technologies, OxyGeneo utilizes natural oxygen from within resulting in an effective treatment and immediate results  (Bohr Effect).

OxyGeneo is an innovative oxygen treatment for skin renewal that simultaneously performs 3 essential partial treatments. It removes dead cells from the stratum corneum (microdermabrasion), brings revitalizing active ingredients to the deepest layers of the skin and stimulates the supply of oxygen from within.

OxyGeneo is inspired by natural hot springs known for their oxygenating effect on the skin. By mimicking this effect, the skin is stimulated to increase the supply of oxygen to the treatment area. A triple effect in one pleasant treatment with immediately visible results.

The OxyPod capsule and the gel react with each other through a kinetic vibration, which results in a natural physiological process, whereby the oxygen content of the skin increases to a higher level.

The treatment is completed with a special serum which is suitable for OxyGeneo treatment with high dose ingredients and strong absorption by the treated skin.

The pleasant and refreshing treatment revitalizes the skin from the first treatment. With a series of treatments, the skin is further strengthened, improved and periodically maintained with maintenance treatments.


To treat what?

  • Pigment spots

  • Pores

  • Puffiness, dark circles

  • Wrinkles and fine lines

A treatment offering

  • A deep exfoliation (micro-dermabraison)

  • Cellular oxygenation

  • Diffusion of active nutrients within the epidermis


  • Internal oxygen enrichment
  • The skin is deeply nourished : optimal absorption of the active ingredients
  • The skin texture is refined
  • The pores are tightened
  • The complexion is perfect, luminous and fresh

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