Naturopathy is a set of holistic practices (which are concerned with the person in a global way: the body and the mind) aimed at helping the body to heal itself, by exclusively natural means by seeking the causes of disorders and diseases.

The naturopath does not make a diagnosis, he establishes a personalized vitality assessment.

This involves strengthening the body’s defense reactions through various hygiene measures (diet, fasting, bodybuilding, relaxation, massages, hydrotherapy, thalassotherapy, plants, essential oils) helped by natural agents alone.

Naturopathy is the art of staying in good health, of being again an actor and responsible for your health and of taking care of yourself by natural means.

This ancestral medicine brings together a range of natural health methods to optimize its vital capital.

Stress, sleep disorders, food rebalancing, lifestyle advice, adults and children. Your naturopath will accompany you in addition to allopathic medicine, in all disease situations.

The personalized lifestyle program given at the end of the consultation consists of structured advice in the form of naturopathic treatment. The treatment aims to stimulate the body so that it finds its internal balance (homeostasis).

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