Acupuncture, massage, pharmacopoeia, dietetics : traditional Chinese medicine includes many disciplines all based on man’s vocation to maintain a harmonious relationship with the universe, both anatomically and physiologically and psychologically. She tries to explain the causes of diseases in order to better treat the biological and psychic mechanisms which are the consequences, while treating the internal imbalances specific to each person.

What does traditional Chinese medicine treat?

Whatever the symptoms, we will seek to treat the origin of the imbalance, which can be expressed by digestive disorders, sleep disorders, stress, anxiety, chronic fatigue, allergies, urinary tract infections, migraines, back pain, joint pain. … This medicine is also very effective in the gynecological field, ailments related to menopause, irregular, painful periods, treatment of disorders related to pregnancy.

Practiced as in China, it excels in prevention, strengthening of the immune system or maintaining energy balance in order to avoid or limit the installation of possible pathologies.

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