Inspired by the well-known therapeutic effect of hot springs, OxyGeneo has been designed to enrich the skin with oxygen, while gently exfoliating dead skin and infusing active ingredients to maximize the effect.

OxyGeneo harnesses the body’s biological processes to deliver oxygen to the treatment area in a natural way, as opposed to other technologies that typically deliver very little oxygen to the skin.

The Bohr Effect

OxyGeneo technology is based on the body’s response to high levels of CO2. When the body detects high concentrations of CO2 in certain tissues, it reacts immediately in three important ways :

  • Oxygen-enriched blood will flow to areas high in CO2 concentration.
  • Oxygen will be more easily released by red blood cells in areas of high CO2 concentration.
  • Free red blood cells remove excess CO2 from this area through the respiratory system.

In other words, a temporary rise in the level of CO2 causes natural oxygenation through the interior of the body. This physiological response was first described by a physicist named Christian Borh in 1904. Today known as the Bohr Effect.

How it works?

OxyGeneo harnesses the Bohr effect to oxygenate the skin through the inside of the body. The OxyGeneo treatment is based on a simple capsule, called OxyPod, and a special treatment gel, enriched with nutrients and active ingredients.

The reaction between the OxyPod and the gel produces an innumerable amount of CO2 bubbles on the surface of the skin.

At the same time, the OxyPod becomes more abrasive and exfoliates the outer layer of dead skin. Exfoliation allows CO2 bubbles to be diffused into the skin and creates a CO2 rich environment. The body immediately triggers the Bohr effect, increasing circulation in this area, bringing oxygen-rich blood to the skin cells and removing excess CO2.

The skin then remains oxygenated and cell metabolism reaches its peak. Now the cells are in optimal condition to absorb and utilize nutrients.

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