An innovative and unique concept

Pushing open the door of our clinic means entering a cocoon where each patient is the center of attention.

An innovative concept and French know-how, myclinic combines health, well-being and beauty in the heart of Tel Aviv.

Multidisciplinary center, myclinic offers a wide range of treatments combining traditional medicine and natural medicine.

On the beauty side, myclinic offers the effective solution by providing the latest technological innovations in

slimming, anti-cellulite, anti-aging face and body.

Our team works in a cohesive care, in a global care of the patient and in a common objective:  your well-being .

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Our therapists are qualified and caring professionals who practice their profession with respect for patients. Our team is attentive to your needs to take care of you as well as your overall health. Your health and well-being are our first concerns, which is why at myclinic, we offer quality and personalized care.

Enter the myclinic universe is to share an exceptional moment thanks to our therapists specialized in Osteopathy , Acupuncture , Homeopathy , Chinese medicine , Psychology , Massage therapy , Naturopathy , Reflexology and other specific body and face treatments ( Endermologie & Endermolift ).

myclinic welcomes you in an eclectic building, listed as a UNESCO heritage site , in the heart of the city (view the map here by clicking here ). Our practitioners welcome you from Sunday to Friday, by appointment only, in a Parisian setting, chic and warm .

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Manual approach whose objective is to restore the mobility and balance of the structures and systems of the human body

Traditional needle or laser treatment to restore and regulate body functions

  Form of care allowing the gentle and effective treatment of many disorders, ailments and diseases

Natural treatment technique that aims to release physical, emotional and energy blockages to restore balance and improve health

Psychological treatment aimed at causing changes in attitudes, behavior, ways of thinking or reacting

Manual and natural method that provides deep relaxation and has a repairing and preventive aspect

Manual intramuscular or relaxation techniques that relax, energize and revitalize

Approach aimed at preventing any imbalance and maintaining healthy overall health


Do you know endermology? 
a deep massage
with stunning results, from the 3rd session

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French know-how

A professional team

A common interest: your well-being